Learning through play

During a typical session your child’s one to one carer will encourage and support in the development of sensory, social, fine & gross motor skills.

We actively use  MAKATON as an aid communication.

We have a variety of activities and toys for them to explore which will vary week to week.  These include soft play shapes, climbing frame, sit and ride toys, balls, cars, puzzles, dressing up clothes, dolls house, a specially adapted laptop and a sensory tent.

Taking turns.

SENSORY PLAY is an important part of each session.  Aside from helping to develop social skills these activities, whilst being fun, are known to improve cognitive growth and help in the development of motor skills.

Encouraging the development of fine motor skills

Sensory Play

SINGING AND MOVEMENT activities are used to break up the morning, with a Welcome Song, Good Bye Song and Music session prior to snack.  The use of Makaton encourages speech and communication, these fun filled sessions lead by our Deputy Play Leader Annabelle have proved productive in social and emotional development as well as fine & gross motor skills.

Singing – signing-laughing-dancing

We’re all going on a bear hunt

and we must not forget the benefits of Story Time.  Who wouldn’t want to learn to sit quietly for a while and become engrossed in one of the tales told by our animated storytellers.

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